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Odia film song videos are not available

Posted on: April 28, 2016

Lights, camera, action@80 – The Telegraph

http://www.telegraphindia.com › story_82593

April 28, 2016 – Odia film industry turns 80 on Thursday. … with only one or two films released in a year until fifties.
To mark 80 years of Odia film industry, the state culture department is hosting a poster exhibition at the State Museum on Thursday, while the Odia Cine Critics’ Association is hosting a seminar and felicitation ceremony at a city hotel on the occasion.


Namaskar. I found your Odia songs in YouTube. I really loved them. Would love to see more. By far, your channel is the only place on the Internet that one can find these songs. Please accept my sincerest appreciation for this effort.
BTW, I have managed to get the songs of Sita Bibah and will soon put them on YouTube

Dear Sir,

I visited your blog (http://petlinks.blogspot.in/) and I loved it to the core of my heart. Such classic and rare things are available there.

Dear Sir,
I’ve been a follower of your blog and have found a treasure of information on Odia movie music on your blog.
There’s little information available on odia movie music on the net.

Bhai namaskar , apanka help darakar , apanka petlink dekhili au bahut bhala lagila ..

I astonished when the details of old odia chalchitra to lookafter some one made this effot to do this.

It’s great to find a complete listing of oriya films here on your blog. But the authenticity of the list is questionable. Compared to other sources there are some discripancies.


I am collecting more detailed history about the history of odia cinema. Can you tell me the name of the book you have regarding this history? I have seen some scan copies of that book. OR it it possible to send me scanned copy of that book?

Hi Tusarji, I very often visit your blog to get archived materials related to oriya films. What i admire most is your love for such artefacts, which cant be found anywhere now. I am compiling a website (http://cinemasagar.com) which contains collected information about odia film industry. It would be a great pleasure if you could guest blog in my site someday. Thanks, Alok naYak

this is a humble gift for you, but not from shree loknath, from kie kahara

Many thanks for your sincere endeavours in collecting Old Odia Film Songs. A very nice anthology.

Sir, could you please upload the posters of individual films. That will be a good help in archiving it .

Dear Sir,

Recently I came across your blog. It is very nice to read. You have very valuable collection of  resources which are definitely a very helpful for people like us. I request you for your permission to refer and link back the posters you have hosted on yr site. Also I request you to host individual posters of Odia films in addition to the collage.

From: Oriyamusic Team
To: tusarnmohapatra@mail.com
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 09:58:20 -0500
Subject: Hijacking of contents
Dear Mr. Mohapatra,

We have found that you are constantly hijacking contents from ORIYAMUSIC.COM and posting in your blog. Initially when we found the lists of the songs in  your blog and we kept silence. But it is very sad to find you are copying the contents from our DISCUSSION FORUM and pasting it in your forum without our permission and consent. Why don’t you take whole Oriyamusic.com ?

see below :



You should know that stealing the contents without the owner’s permission is illegal. Please remove all of the contents which you have taken from ORIYAMUSIC.COM or exclusively declare about it in your blog and give a link to our website. We pay money in creating the content and you are enjoying with our hardwork and taking undue advantages of ORIYAMUSIC.COM . Please don’t mis-use our website. You must know and understand how much hardwork and money we pay to sustain this kind of website. Your free blog may not cost you anything and that is why you are playing with that but to host a site like ORIYAMUSIC.COM we have to pay a lot which an ordinary oriya ( like us ) will think ten times. Please SUPPORT the ORIYAS not PULL the oriyas and support Oriyamusic.com morally and legally.

Thank you.

Note : Our contents are copyright protected. We may take legal action in this regard if we feel for that.

Regards / Sanmanara Sahita,

Oriyamusic Team
[ Promoting Music of Orissa Globally ]


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